Pure Maple Syrup

What is it?

Pure maple syrup is exactly what we say it is.  It is simply maple sap that has been concentrated.  The sap that is collected from the trees is piped to a pumping station and then pumped to the main boiling building.  The sap is first concentrated with a highly efficient reverse-osmosis system.  This more concentrated sap water is then piped to the boiler, for further reduction.  The maple syrup is ready when the temperature of the liquid is 4° C higher than the boiling temperature of water (100°C or  212° F at 1 atmosphere of pressure (sea level). The boiling point is adjusted with each batch of syrup produced as the atmospheric pressure changes. When the syrup has been boiled to the right temperature, the concentrated sap is filtered and then canned immediately. The  procedure is repeated with every batch of sap so that this liquid gold tastes is consistently delicious.  On average, it takes 40 litres of pure maple water to make 1 litre of pure maple syrup.